Thursday, April 19, 2007

Preferential Treatment of Dwyane Wade, Double-Standards, and Officiating in General

Examples of Wade's Preferrential Treatment:

At Portland officials bail Wade out again down the stretch.

One travel. Two travel. Three travel.

Wade's patented traveling spin move.

Here is 1 of the 5 phantom fouls posted on youtube. He basically elbowed Dirk in the face and was rewarded with two free throws.

If this isn't evidence of biased officiating, I dont know what is.

The officials reward Wade for basically just running into people with his elbows. Why do they reward the offensive player when he is the one initiating contact? What is the defender supposed to do? Where is he supposed to go?

Examples of Lebron's preferential treatment:

Are you kidding me?

Russian four-step anyone?

How pathetic.

Why call a travel and ruin a highlight play?

Kobe Vs Wade - Officiating:

It's funny because Wade gets the most preferential treatment , while kobe gets the least. He is flat out the most disrespected superstar player ever.

If kobe got the calls wade gets, he would average 15 FTA per game.

If your going to call those soft touch fouls and phantom calls for Wade, Bibby, and Magette, then kobe should get 2 free throws on every play.

Examples of Bias against Bryant:

Made by yours truly.

He just cannot buy a free throw.

How can they miss all those slaps and reaches?

Corruption at its best.

Say what?

Listen in as James Worthy tells the tale.



NBA officials are the worst of any sport in America.

They are all old, senile and stubborn.

The officials dont get penalized for bad calls, and they fail to use replays during disputes.

Even if they know they made a bad call, rather than change the call, they will 'make up' for the call by giving an 'iffy' call to that respective team later in the game.

They refuse to call fouls in final seconds of a game, despite the fact that a foul in the last 30 seconds should be the same as a foul in the first quarter.

Two example of officials determining the outcome of a game:

Absolutely ridiculous.

How does Joe Crawford still have his job?

I did my part by e-mailing ronnie nun and making videos, but more fans should speak out. You should e-mail Ronnie Nunn or call David Stern and tell them you're against the officiating. I would suggest boycotting their products, but that is hard to do.


Lebron and Wade do attack frequently, so I'm not saying all their calls are illicit.


They dont have jumpshots....they are one-dimensional players that only get their points off of layups, dunks and free throws. They lack the skill of players like Kobe, Arenas, Tmac, Dirk, Melo that can create their own shot.

So, NBA decides to bail them out.

They (NBA, media, espn, nike, converse, etc) want Wade/LeBron to be leaders of they boost their PPG, stats, and efficiency by doing this.


A couple of reasons:

Negative Aurora

They don't like him. It goes all the way back to the colorodo incident...So they treat him with disdain.


Kobe is determined on getting a call sometimes, he is stubborn, he will keep attacking and he will force the ref to blow the whistle....but a lot of times, the officials are just as stubborn as he is and they too wont blow the whistle for the exact same reason.

Supreme Domination

Face it Kobe averaged 35.4 PPG on questionable officiating,in a season were he should have gotten more free throws.

In a league where David Stern is not allowing players to use their hands on defense, that would make in impossible to guard Kobe.

You cant guard Kobe with or without your,so blowing the whistle would simply be unfair. He is too good already, if they gave him would just be unfair.Inhuman domination.


SportsNation Chris Sheridan: (12:40 PM ET) "You're preaching to the choir here, Oliver. every single night D-Wade gets three gift whistles (which even LeBron and Kobe don't get) at a minimum, and one or two late whistles, too. He's treated as preferrentially as Jordan was at the peak of his game, and it is infuriating to watch (unless you're a Heat fan). And I say all that being one of the biggest D-Wade guys around, a Marquette grad even. But it's just plain unfair to see one guy get such special treatment. It takes away from the game."


"He gets all the calls, that's what makes him special.'' - Gerald Wallace

"It's unbelievable what he gets away with.'' - Bob Hill

"I can't believe he has the audacity to complain to the refs, he should be grateful for what they've done for him in his career. He is what he is today because of them." - P.J. Brown

"He travels on that spin move. He picks up that pivot foot... everybody knows it. Dwayne Wade can cover so much ground when he makes that move. As you know, he can go 20 feet with that spin move and get to the basket." - Phil Jackson

"You can't do nothing to D-Wade," Wallace said. "If you say boogety-boogety-boo to him, that's a foul." - Rasheed Wallace

"You are an amazing player Dwayne. I love watching you shoot free throws." - Mark Cuban

Interviewer: "Was it a little ridiculous how Dwyane Wade
got all the calls?"

Tracy McGrady: "Yeah, yeah it really was. I'll tell you man, it
seems if you were watching that game, seemed like it was
rigged. Seriously. I know the NBA.... (cut off by

Interviewer: "You just got fined (sarcastically)."

Tracy McGrady: "I don't care. So what? But yeah it seemed like it
was rigged. With all the calls he was getting. Jesus. Did
you hear me? We are talking about the NBA Finals, I wish
I could say I was just kidding, and that's what it seemed


Wade scores 41 points on 9 made shots, (no 3 pointers).


Kobe recieved two unwarranted one-game suspensions for these "unnatural basketball acts." They deemed his intent was malicious. Since when does the league judge 'intentions' of players? Isn't God the only one that can do?

Yet none of these incidents recieved a suspension:

Clotheslines are natural acts?

In the begining of this video, D.Wade, M.Miller, J. Howard, and M. Dunleavy ALL took MALICIOUS hits at kobe, yet NONE were suspended even one game.

No suspension.

No suspension.

Brian Cook replicates Kobe's move one game after Kobe's suspension. No response from the league.

Dwyane Wade gets Preferential Treatment From Corrupted Official Tim Donaghy

With the game on the line, Wade drives the whole and gets another absolutely disgusting gift whistle - this time from Tim Donaghy. There was not even a hint of a foul, yet the officials try their best to help Dwyane Wade succeed

Meanwhile on the next play, Gerald Wallace gets hammered upside the head on his layup, yet no foul is called.

Here is the boxscore which confirms Donaghy's presence in the game:

After the call is made, all the players look to Donaghy's direction. This is just another fine example of double-standards, preferential treatment, bias and corruption in the NBA.


I personally do not like injustice. I just don't stand for it. I have come to see Dwyane Wade as a walking injustice. I just dont think he is a superstar without the help of officials.

As Martin Luther King said:

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."


Sniperdog614 said...

Damn my comment to this post got in the other one....oops just read that one for the Kobe is the best shooter,

nice blog

Sean said...

Travels are never called in the nba...every single player in the league travels when he gets the ball, it's become absolutely ridiculous...they should officially allow 3 steps because everybody takes them anyways and the refs seem totally oblivious. It seems like you have to take at LEAST 4 steps to get called nowadays.

Ben said...

In a sense I agree with you that calls are bad, but Kobe has gotten a lot of shady calls over the years. He often shoots poorly and still has 30 points or so because he gets to the free throw line so frequently. Do you remember the Denver game a couple years ago when they called a phantom foul at the end of regulation so he could make free throws to send it to overtime? Kobe tried to say there was body contact, but there very obviously wasn't any contact. The NBA refs give all "star" players preferential treatment, which is why the NBA has become so rigged.

Matt said...

Wade gets way, way, way too many ridiculous whistles. But the idea that the refs have it out for Kobe? That he hasn't gotten preferential calls his entire career, especially during his title runs? Please, that's so ridiculous I can't take anything you say seriously.

Anonymous said...

Comparing Martin Luther King to NBA Officiating is an embarrassment. Stand up for something that matters in the world.

Anonymous said...

Kobe gets just as many bogus calls as Dwayne Wade, all superstars do. Lebron, AI, they all get fouls called.

adriano said...

dude, sure, all those guys get special treatment, but u're saying kobe doesn't get his share of dubious calls too? c'mon, stop being a blind kobe fan... oh kobe is singled out. at the same time as i agree, he gets plenty of calls too, i don't think he's fretting about it

Brave Sir Robin said...

While I don't don't think that Kobe should have been suspended, his motion was a completely different move than the one Brian Cook did. Cook's was a follow through on the shot motion (Straight out). Kobe threw his arm to the side.

Anonymous said...

lol, maybe if your blog wasn't titled "ko8e" this argument would carry more credibility.

demeatloaf said...

Could you possibly be any more of a Kober homer? It's as if you completely forgot about that playoff game against the Kings in 2003 when the Lakers shot 27 free throws in the fourth quarter alone.

demeatloaf said...

Now that I am more awake, I want to leave a more in-depth comment. I agree that Wade gets MANY calls, but I Really don't see why you are bringing Lebron into this. I see that guy get clobbered without any calls. There are some questionable no-travel calls, and I agree those aren't right. But you can probably find video of Mark Madsen not getting called for travel if you look deep enough. And the one with Pavlovic running after the ball and calling time out, I'm pretty sure that the coach of the Cavs yelled time out and Pavlovic was just confirming it.

And my final argument is the 41 points from 9 made fg. That game just goes to show which player of the two get preferential treatment.

Anonymous said...

Wow, i ever realised how many calss wade and lebron got away with, i know that the officiating sucks but wow, never have i seen anything like this. This is one of the reasons that i like international basketball over the nba.

Anthony said...

obviously most of these guys are kobe haters and dont know anything about basketball. one of those guys called Al an all star. who is Al??? its also obvious that wade gets more calls then any player ive ever seen. the reason they dont add a replay option is because it would show just how bad the officials are. plus it would make the games too long. not sure about lebron but who cares about that guy.. i remember when he was supposed to be the next jordan and better then kobe. kobe is the best player in the nba. hes broken records that only jordan and wilt held. i believe they make these calls for profit. the more "superstars" the more money. its a pretty simple concept.

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