Thursday, May 31, 2007

Flip Saunders is the worst coach in the history of the NBA

I cannot even express in words how terrible Flip Saunders is. He not only deserves to be fired, but he should never again be allowed to coach in the NBA. Saunders is a worthless degenerate and lacks both common sense and basketball IQ. His atrocious coaching is the sole reason for his team's staggering loss in Game 5 vs the Pistons. Saunders' decisions in the end of the fourth quarter and in overtime will not only cost him the series but ultimately his career.

I will now proceed to tear him apart.

1) His matchups were beyond horrible. First of all, he assigned Billups, who is 6''2, to Lebron (6''9 + 40 inch vertical). Sure, Billups is a great defensive player, arguably even an All-NBA calibur one. But by doing this, Saunders is essentially forfieting the game. Where is Rip Hamilton? Sure he was in foul trouble, but your season is on the line. Contrary to popular belief, Richard Hamilton, not Tayshaun Prince, is the Piston's best defensive player. Regardless of that, neither of them guarded James in the final minutes of the fourth. Instead you had Maxiell, a bulky power forward, and Billups, a undersized point guard, guarding Lebron James. That is why James was able to waltz to the basket, nabbing himself two dunks in the process that sent the game into overtime.

2) How can any team give up two dunks consecutively to the same player in a halfcourt Setting? How moronic and incompetent can you be out there. Why aren't you fouling Lebron James, who is a notoriously bad free throw shooter? Statistically, he would have been assured to miss one. Furthermore, how do you let him waltz to the rim on the final play and get another layup, this time to seal game?

3) No other Cavaliers player was scoring out there. Lebron had scored 22 of the last 23 points for his team, yet Flip sits there idle like a paraplegic cow. Why don' t you get your ass of the bench and send him some hard double-teams? Why not force the ball out of his hands? Why don't you try to see if Pavlovic can make 8 points in a row? Instead Saunders sat there like the low-life that he is, watching not only his team's lead, but also his career, slowly melt away in the abyssal gutter of failure.

4) Why are you telling your players to play Lebron so tight down the stretch? Why? Do you want him to blow by you and dunk? How can anyone who claims to be a coach, be so ignorant, naive and utterly stupid. Why aren't you packing the lane? Why aren't you rushing a secondary defender at Lebron? Why are you refusing to double-team him? There is no possible explanation for travesty.

In short, Saunders has an extreme mental deficiency of fundamental basketball knowledge. Any intelligent basketball analyst could only writhe in pain as they watched his blistering incompetence spread like a cancer to his players. Frankly, if the Pistons lose this series, I fully expect Saunders' tenure in Detroit will be over. Joe Dumars will simply not tolerate such negligence and ineptitude.


Anonymous said...

No offense, but your "article" is awful.

Anonymous said...

everything he does, or says is terrible and awful. Anyone can clearly see that this man is extremely biased and has no credibility.

Anonymous said...

What your 'article' should've said, was "I will now proceed to tear myself apart".

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Anonymous said...

years later we see that flip was the only thing ensuring we actually played defense. Billups or not. The true problem was always rasheed wallace

Rollie james said...

Very one-sided, flip is gm and coach of Minnesota. LeBron James was 10/14 free throw