Tuesday, May 1, 2007

M.V.P = Media Voting on Popularity

I have been quoted as saying "The MVP award is a joke."

I will go into detail now about how the award has become nothing more than a media popularity contest in the last 2 seasons.


I think its ridiculous that Steve Nash has won 2 MVP awards yet has never even experienced a trip to the finals. Oh but wait, he makes his teammates better right? Wrong.

"Making your teammates better" is a popular expression that was coined by John Wooden and has been continuously repeated in the media.

No one can make their teammates better. It is impossible. You can't physically aid your teammates in putting the ball through the hoop. All you can do is give them the ball in their 'comfort zones.' You can't make them "better." Put Steve Nash on a team of 10 years olds. Will he make them better ? No. Nash has two all-stars on his team in Amare and Marion, and he is surrounded by world-class shooters. His starting-5 all shoot near or above 40% from distance. Therefor, Nash is not self-sufficient. He cannot win a game by himself. He is dependant on these world-class shooters to succeed. Steve Nash doesn't make his teammates better, he just gives them the ball and they put it through the net with their deadly shooting. It is not hard to rack up the assists when you have such deadly shooters.


Jason Kidd made it to the NBA finals in consecutive years in 2001-2002 and 2002-2003. He is a world-class defender that can hold his own against even the best offensive players. He is a triple-double machine that revitalized the Nets Franchise. Doesn't he make his teammates better? Didn't he dominate the Eastern conference and make the finals twice? Didn't he play on BOTH ends of the court?

Jason Kidd did not win an MVP either season.


Compare Steve Nash's 2005-2006 roster to Kobe Bryant's roster.

Nash has a superior supporting caste in Marion, Barbosa, Richardson, Bell, Thomas, Diaw, House - All expert shooters that spread the floor.

Joe Johnson who was on Nash's suns in 2004-2005 went to the Hawks the next season where he averaged 28ppg. So much for making him better.

Bryant on the other hand had one of the worst supporting castes in the game.

His second best player is inconsistent at best. His starting PG is an unfundamental, street-balling flake. His center, Kwame Brown, is 6-11 and can't make a layup in his 7th season.


Steve Nash's MVP award in 2005-2006 season was such a dishonest and deceitful decision by the media.

Phoenix played absolutely no defense giving up 106 ppg. They merely tried to outscore their opponents.

Team improvement is a huge factor when it comes to MVP voting.

Los Angeles went from a 34-48 season to a 45-37 season. An 11-game improvement.

Phoenix went from a 62-20 season to a 54-28 season. An 8-game regression.

So the media went against its own standards and not surprisingly rewarded Nash for having an inferior season.


So not only did the Lakers have a better statistical improvement over the suns, Kobe's season trumped Nash's season in nearly every way.

Kobe's 2005-2006 season was one of the 5 best individual seasons in the history of the NBA.

He averaged 35.4 ppg, 5.4 rpg and 4.5 apg on 45%FG, 35% 3pT, and 85% FT.

His 35.4 ppg was the highest of the last 20 years.

He was the only player on BOTH
1) All-NBA 1st team
2) All-NBA Defensive 1st team.

He was the only player to score 2,800+ points and 180 three pointers in a season.
He had 7 games of 50+ points.
He had 27 games of 40+ points
He had 4 consecutive games of 45+ points
He had a game of 81 points, the 2nd highest scoring game in NBA history
He scored 62 points in 3 quarters, outscoring the entire Dallas team after 3 quarters -making him the first player in NBA history to outscore an entire team by himself. (That Dallas team proceeded to go to the 2006 NBA Finals.)

Nash on the other hand averaged 18.8 ppg, 10.5 apg, and 4.2 rpg on 51.2%FG, 43.9% 3PT, and 92.1% FT.

His ppg and apg both DECREASED from the previous season. So not only was his team's record worse from the last season, his individual numbers were as well.


Kobe averaged 35.4 ppg in the 'equality opportunity' triangle offense.' If you switch Bryant and Nash in 2005-2006, Phoenix would have been a 65+ win team, Kobe would have averaged 40 ppg and Phoenix would be highest scoring team in 20+ years.

Put Nash on Lakers of last year and they are at best a 38 win team.


Kobe had one of the 5 most remarkable season in NBA history and the media's stubborn bias prevented him from getting the coveted award.

Voters have to fill out their 'top 5' candidates for the award, each slot receiving a respective number of points.

22/123 voters completely left him off of their top 5 , which is a true testament of how pathetic the award has become.

Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Steve Nash, and Elton Brand were the only strong candidates for the award. There were 4 strong candidates.

How is it even fathomable that Kobe could be COMPLETELY left of the ballot by ANY credible voter?

I personally felt that both Kobe AND Lebron deserved it more than Nash.


I love watching Steve Nash play, he is a quality point guard that has mastered the position - at least on the offensive end.

Steve Nash, despite the fact that he is an amazing basketball player, won the MVP just because he was white. Now don't jump the gun and try to follow my logic.

The media loved him, they could relate to him.

A vertically challenged and unathletic white-guy that dominates in a big, tall, athletically-dominated league.

Most of the voters physically resemble Nash and thus could relate to him effectively and subliminally it affected their decision making process.

The decision was pure robbery.

I think they should just change the award name from MVP and call it the STEVE NASH AWARD and just give it to him for the next 8 years because he "makes his teammates better."


Anonymous said...

You can barely spell. So quit complaining about your own personal opinion not being accepted by everyone else.

Anonymous said...

yeah you're right, it's because he is white.

and Sam Mitchel got coach of the year because he's black.

and Bargnani got chosen first overal because he's Italian.

You blame the media for being bias yet you're dumping bias statements by the truckload.

oh wait. you must be black.

KO8E.COM said...

First of all, I am not black, and my race has little to do with this article.

I said it SUBSCONSCIOUSLY affected their decision, not because he was white, but because he resembled them (the voters).

If all the voters had been Native American, and Nash was Native American , the same thing might have happened.

And Typo's happen to the best of us.

-Alborz Zandian

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, your basing an MVP award for a season over playoff short comings? The award is handed out at the end of the season, not after the playoffs. Since you seem to know everything about basketball, you would of figured this out.

You're just racist to whites, and Canadians. Go DIAF

Anonymous said...

Grimey negro? Just sack up and say what you really want to say. It's the internet no one will know who you are and you can get away with it. Who says negro in 2007 anyways? A short white guy does dominate, his name is David Stern.

Alex said...

A few corrections from your number 1 fan:

Look at those deadly shooters without Nash you'll see most have seen their efficiency decrease. Sure he has a talented roster but he is the unquestioned leader that "makes them better"

Kidd vs Nash is irrelevant as the competition for the MVP came in different seasons.

On the Joe Johnson remark, of course hes going to have better numbers he went from a 4th option player to a 1st option player. But his efficiency from the field fell most noticably his 3pt shot (47% to 35% without Nash) A steep drop, mentioning him hurt your argument.

You couldnt be more wrong about Nash seeing his numbers drop from 1 MVP season to the next. Saying Nash isnt self sufficient is ridiculous. He just choses to involve teammates, now hes never going to be a 30pts scorer but thats not the job of a PG. Basically by your standards a PG should never win an MVP because their job is to facilitate.

Kobe had some of the greatest games in NBA history but his season fell well short of the top 5 in NBA history.

You want Kobe to win the MVP, wait until he has the tools around him to succeed. Hes in the business of winning, not throwing up numbers.

KO8E.COM said...

Thanks for the comments Alex.

I was referring to Kobe's 2005-2006 season, not this year (06-07).

Steve Nash is one of the best shooters in the NBA, I know he can score. By saying he wans't self-sufficient, I meant, if he had an inferior caste than he does now, he would not be able to prance throug the game so easily and win games on his own.

kyle13 said...

As i was reading your blog i wondered who would make such ignorant claims about Nash,then i saw you're a Kobe fan and it all made sense. You say without Nash's supporting teammates he would not be able to prance around and win all the games he does but i believe you have it backwards Marion and Stoudemire could not have the numbers they have without Nash,and the Suns would not be a dominant team without Nash. Look at the few days before the all-stat game when Nash was injured, the Suns went from beating San Antonio to being beat at home.....by the Atlanta Hawks! Stoudemire and Marions point averages went down and the team went from going undefeated in january to going 1-3 against bellow .500 teams. Steve took the Suns from one of the worst teams in the league to the best in 04-05. So dont make rediculous claims about how Nash does not deserve MVPs or he only got them because he was white, i'm sure that Bob Petit Dave Cowens, Bill Walton and Larry Bird only got them because they're white. Steve is one of the best play makers, shooters and overall players in the league and it pisses you off that a little white guy can school most of the black players in the league. O and JO is not going to LA......that never happened so you obviously don't know your stuff.