Monday, June 4, 2007

Ranking the Top Ten Players of All-Time

Ranking the NBA's best is a daunting task that requires plenty of patience, analysis and consideration. Some base it on individual merits and accolades-championships, MVP awards, etc; Others base it on a player's skills, abilities, and influence on the game. Ultimately, regardless of one's position, there can exist some type of compromise.

My top 10 list All-Time would go (in no particular order):
  • Michael Jordan
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Magic Johnson
  • Tim Duncan
  • Shaquille O'neal
  • Oscar Robertson
  • Wilt Chamberlain
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Hakeem Olajuwon
  • Kevin Garnett
*Honorable Mentions: Jason Kidd, Larry Bird, Bill Russell.

Why does Bill Russell not make the Cut?

Russell fails to make the cut for several reasons.

1) Due to his era, his numbers were inflated. It was simly a different game.
2) Rule variations: No 3-second rule, No 5-second back-to-basket rule, no 3 point line. No shot clock. The list goes on and on.
3) There were far less teams back then (14 if I remember correctly), and the Celtics were the only dominant team in the NBA. They had all the talent, and all the size. That is why they won 8 in a row. So rings cannot be a determinant, as it was a far less competitive league.
4) As good as Russell was, he only played on one side of the court. He was primarily a defensive player. In today's game , he would be reminiscent of Ben Wallace.

Why did you put Garnett over Bird?

Anyone that was building a franchise would take Garnett over Bird in a heartbeat. Aside from Hakeem, Garnett is the most skilled bigman the game has ever seen. His footwork is on par with Michael Jordan's, and his fadeaway on par with Kobe Bryant's. Were it not for his unselfish nature, Garnett could realistically be averaging 33 ppg and 15 rpg per season. Its a damn shame when one realizes that he has been surrounded by a crap his entire career.


Anonymous said...

you must be very young because if you watched bird or russell play you would have some respect for what they accomplished. your blog is pretty terrible.

Anonymous said...

I mean I really do agree that with what Alborz is trying to say... I mean respect don't you have respect for KG.... the man shows tremendous spirit and energy out there I remember seeing him cry on the floor when Wolves lost to Lakers.... Bird and Russell played in era's where there were different rules... NBA made up new rules because they found it unfair to certain people.... why don't they stick to the normal rules if they found it fair.... think about it....

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