Saturday, October 6, 2007

2007-2008 Season Predictions

Eastern Conference standings:

1) Boston Celtics (Win Atlantic division)
2) Detroit Pistons (Win Central division)
3) Chicago Bulls (3rd best record)
4) Orlando Magic (Win Southeast division)
5) Toronto Raptors
6) Cleveland Cavaliers
7) New York Knicks
8) New Jersey Nets

Note: Miami will miss the playoffs.

Western Conference standings:

1) San Antonio Spurs (Win Atlantic division)
2) Dallas Mavericks (2nd best record)
3) Los Angeles Lakers (Win Pacific)
4) Utah Jazz (Win Northwest division)
5) Houston Rockets
6) Denver Nuggets
7) Phoenix Suns
8) Golden State Warriors

Note: Steve Nash is due for an injury, Amare Stoudamire had yet another surgery, and Shawn Marion will likely be dealt by the trade deadline. That said, it is easy to see why the Suns' window for a championship has passed. The 2007-2008 season will officially be their demise. With such a lack of competition in the Pacific division, I envision a healthy Lakers squad winning the pacific with a 54-28 record.

MVP: Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant
All-Star MVP: Gilbert Arenas or Tim Duncan
Rookie of the Year: Kevin Durant
Slam Dunk Champion: James White or Rodney Carney (candidacy not established)
Scoring Champion: Kobe Bryant
Most Improved Player: Luol Deng

Note: Tim Duncan has won both multiple regular season MVP awards and Finals MVP awards. While Duncan is not the type to seek personal accolades, I bet that he really wants an All-Star MVP for two reasons. First of, he is probably still upset about losing the Finals MVP to Tony Parker. Second, he simply has never won one before, so its a challenge. Of course Carmelo may be a candidates for the All-star MVP simply because he is a chucker, and if Kobe really wants to win it, no one will stop him .


bilz said...

All fine and dandy but you dont even predict a champion in east or west or the nba title winners?

KB42P@H said...

tim duncan has an all star mvp

KO8E.COM said...

He shared that with Shaq as a co-mvp.