Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kobe's Injury showcases his great Left Hand

Avulsion fracture causes when a piece of bone is pulled off by a tendon and according to reports no further observation is required in this case as it is already cleared to be an avulsion fracture. He will have to spend at least 6 weeks with some sort of splint, as physicians have suggested splint, very similar he had on in the second half against Minnesota. It could also have taken longer time to heel the bone.

Bryant used this as a great excuse to demonstrate his great off hand.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

2009-2010 Lakers playoff predictions

11/29/2009: My expert playoff predictions for Lakers

It's no suprise that Lakers will repeat in 2010, but here is exactly how they will do it:

Probable opponents (my expected opponent in bold):
1st round: Thunder, Rockets (Lakers 4-0)
2nd round: Spurs, Blazers (Lakers 4-0)
3rd round, WCF:: Nuggets, Mavs (Lakers 4-1)
4th Round, NBA FINALS: Celtics, Magic, Cavs (Lakers 4-2)

Kobe Bryant - Beethoven in Sneakers

Conductor Bryant Ends Denver's Dream Season

With everyone expecting the Lakers to lose on the road, Kobe Bryant delivers a masterful preformance - conducting his team and orchestrating a win.

Kobe Bryant 35 points, 10 assists, 6 rebounds

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kobe passes Kareem on Lakers total points list

Looks like he will finish the year with around 26,100-26,350 points which will have him as #1 most points scored by a Lakers player by the end of the year ( passing Jerry West).

Many wonder if Kobe can pass Kareem in all time points scored. It purely depends on how long he plays at a high level. If Kobe averages around 2,200+ point per/regular season over the next 6 (not including this one), it could happen very soon.

Alborz Kobe Alborz KB42PAH
Alborz KB42PAH Alborz Kobe

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kobe beats Pau Gasol in 1 on 1 post game

And even a possible return of Pau Gasol from a hamstring injury Thursday night won't deter Bryant from occupying the post.

"Noooooo, not at all," Bryant said.

"When you talk to Pau, ask him who won our one-on-one post game. I'll give you a hint: it wasn't him."

More reason to believe that Kobe Bryant is the best post player in the NBA. A 6''6 guard beating a 7''0 Pau Gasol in the post.
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Alborz KB42PAH Alborz Kobe

09-10: Kobe #1 in points in paint

Kobe has made a clear effort to score from midrange and post this season, all but abandoning the 3 point shot.

Points in paint leaders:

#1: Kobe Bryant
#2: Andrew Bynum

More detailed stats to come soon.
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Alborz KB42PAH Alborz Kobe

Kobe Gets 100th 40 Point game

Kobe gets his 100th 40+ point game vs Detroit on Wednesday night.
For a full list of Bryant's 40+ point games: Link

Updated Stats 11 games in:
Record 8-3
31.0 ppg, 2.3 spg (48.5%)

4 games of 40+ points :
40 vs detroit (17/29 FG)
41 vs memphis (19/30 FG)
41 vs houston (15/30FG)
41 vs hawks (15/29 FG)
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Alborz Kobe Alborz KB42PAH

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Zone Era KB42PAH

Blue: Isolation era+Handchecking
Red: Zone era+Handchecking (Best defensive era in NBA history)
Green: Zone Era without handchecking

Conclusion: Clearly stats from the 80s and 90s - both PPG+FG%- are inflated, due to faster run-and-gun pace (think 2005 Suns, 2007 Warriors), inferior defense, and inferior players.

Conclusion: Free throw attempts per game and fouls per game have decreased substaintially from the 80s and 90s.

What do the players think?

Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Tracy McGrady

KICKS: If you guys could change one rule in the League, what would it be?
Kevin Garnett: No zone.
Tim Duncan : Yeah, the zone.
Kevin Garnett: If there was one rule I could change today, it would be the zone.

KICKS: Because it didn’t do what they thought it would do?
Kevin Garnett: I think it puts players that are really good at a disadvantage, so to speak. Everybody here gets double-teams, if not triple-teams, so we can all speak on this. But it sorta—I remember Phoenix sat somebody literally right there [in the lane].
Tracy McGrady: It makes it hard for a guy like me
Kevin Garnett: —who penetrates.
Tim Duncan: It makes it hard for all of us.
Tracy McGrady: It’s tough on all of us, it really is. When you’re tryin’ to make a move, and you got another guy sittin’ right there on the same side just waitin’…
Kevin Garnett: Waitin’ on you!
Tracy McGrady: Just waitin’.
Kevin Garnett: He ain’t even playin’ his man!
Tracy McGrady: Nah, not at all.


November, 2007: Kobe Bryant:

"The rules are completely different now,'' said Bryant, comparing his era to Jordan's. "I've always been able to shoot the ball, but the rules have changed since he played in terms of playing a zone defense. You have to be a jump shooter now because there's no way you can get to the basket -- particularly myself because they just stack guys up. I wish we had the rules they had back in the day where you could isolate guys and you could go to the basket anytime. But now you have to be able to shoot.''

2001, P.J Brown:

"I don't think it's good at all. Zones will bring the games to a grind," Charlotte forward P.J. Brown said.

2001, Shaquille O'neal:

"Stinks," the Los Angeles star said. "I have a lot to say, but not now.

2001, Colangelo, on why the rule change was proposed:

"Our belief is that the game has evolved, and the product we have presently was one that needed attention," Colangelo said "The game has changed in the sense that we've lost a lot of fluidity. We've evolved into an isolation game because of our defensive guidelines, and we weren't satisfied with the way the game looked."

An Argument in favor of Modernity

Everything gets better with time: technology, sports, science, education, etc. The best players, the best era of every sports are in the current era.

Swimming: Phelps, greatest swimmer that has ever lived
Golf: Tiger, greatest golfer that has ever lived
Running: Usain Bolt, fastest runner that has ever lived
Tennis: Federer, greatest tennis player that has ever lived
MMA: Fedor, greatest fighter that has ever lived.
Weightlifting: Ronnie Coleman, greatest weightlifter that has ever lived
NFL, Soccer: Now they are better than ever.
NBA: Best it has EVER been . Yet people are delusional and think it was better 30 years ago??! Complete nonsense.

This era has:

75% of the game's greatest perimeter players: Kobe, LeBron, Wade (Jordan being the other)
43% of the game's greatest perimeter players: Shaq, Duncan, Garnett (Hakeem, Kareem, Wilt, Russel being the others)
Some of the best PGs: Kidd, Nash, Billups, CP3, Deron Williams, Baron Davis, Tony Parker
Some of the games best shooters ever: Ray Allen, Dirk Nowitszki, Steve Nash, Peja Stojakovic Kobe Bryant
Best scorers/swingmen: Kobe, Wade, Lebron, Carter, Pierce, Melo, Iverson, etc
The games most amazing physical specimens: Shaq, Lebron, Dwight
The games most versatile big men: Dirk, Garnett

-2008 was the most competitive year in NBA history. All 8 teams in the western conference won 50+ games
-No team has repeated since zone has been legalized .

The players are bigger, stronger, faster, better, all while having more fundamentals and skills. This era is better defensively, better talent wise, better competitively. If you think Michael Jordan is the greatest player ever, that's fine. There is no problem there. If you think Michael would have dominated this era, that's perfectly fine - I agree there, Jordan would have dominated any era. However, you cannot deny that the players are stronger, faster, better offensively, better defensively, and better talent wise.


00s/zone era: The greatest era of basketball.

My 2 videos on zone defense:

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Alborz KB42PAH Alborz Kobe

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just how tired is Kobe?

Throughout the stretch of the 2008-2009 season, Kobe looked noticeably gassed, even admitting to playing with the intention of conserving energy. After tonight's spectacular 41 point outing at Denver, Kobe looked the most fatigued I have seen him since game 5 of the Spurs/Lakers 2004 series (when he supposedly fainted after the game). Bryant mentioned post game tonight that he "could not feel his legs" and had to lean over during his post game interview.

Here's a look at just why Kobe is so damn tired:

2004-2005 off season: Black out summer 5 AM-to-noon, 7 hours a day, hardcore training: 5 mile jog, 1000+ made jumpers DAILY
2005-2006: 80 games, 7 playoff games - off season: Arthroscopic knee surgery, scar tissue/cartilage, rehab
2006-2007: 77 games, 5 playoff games, off season: FIBA game, summer games
2007-2008: 82 games, 21 playoff games, off-season: Beijing, Summer Olympics
2008-2009: 82 games, 15 playoff games so far ( and counting)

Last 4 seasons:

321/328 Regular Season games (4/7 missed due to suspensions), averaging 30.5 ppg
48 playoff games, averaging 30.0 ppg
9,786 Regular season points
1,434 Playoff points
2 Summers of Olympic FIBA basketball
2 NBA scoring titles
4 All-NBA 1st team
4 All-NBA 1st team defensive
2007 ASG MVP
2008 Regular season MVP
2008 Olympic Gold Medal
2008 Western Conference Champions
2009 ASG MVP
2009 MVP Runner-up
1 Knee surgery/Rehab

That's some mileage. Whatever happens this post season, I really hope Kobe takes an extended rest. Normally he only takes 2 weeks off, then gets back to his off season training. Take a month off this summer Kobe, you've earned it.
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Alborz KB42PAH Alborz Kobe

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Deadliest Offensive Weapons in NBA History

Shaquille O'neal's Drop Step:

Arguably the most physically unstoppable move of all-time. Impossible to guard 1 on 1, and so dominant that the other team fouled him half-way through the move to prevent a guaranteed basket. It was also so dominant that the league had to legalize zone defense to contain him.

Michael Jordan's Fadeaway:

The original master of the fadeaway, a lethal post move used by the best post-up guard to ever play the game. This move was so aesthetically pleasing, graceful, and reliable, that many other great players have tried to replicate it.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Skyhook:

Magic calls it the "the most beautiful shot in basketball." Another seemingly unblockable shot patended by one of the best centers to ever play. Unfortunately, no big men seem to have the courage or the ability to continue this shot in today's game.

Kobe Bryant's Jumpshot:

It's the ability to rise up and shoot over any defender, any contest, anywhere past halfcourt. It is the same jumpshot that has netted Kobe so many scoring binges and historic records. The deadliest jumpshot of all time.

Alborz Kobe Alborz KB42PAH
Alborz KB42PAH Alborz Kobe

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Best Player of the Decade? Not Tim Duncan.

Double Standard 1: Everyone harps on Kobe for playing with Shaq, yet no one harps on Duncan for having Manu, Parker, Bowen and other amazing players.
Shaq has played in the NBA 17 seasons, he only has 4 rings, he is not an automatic championship. In fact, he was not even in his physical prime during the threepeat championship run. He was significantly overweight almost every season during that run.

Double Standard 2: Duncan has played on a contending, elite team since he came into the NBA. Kobe has been rebuilding for 3 seasons in the 2000's (2005,2006,2007) and he may still end up with more rings in the decade.

Myth 1: Duncan has more impact for his team .

Kobe's Roles for his team:

-Primary Scorer
-Primary Defender
-Primary go to player in 4th
-Primary playmaker

Duncan's Roles for team:

-Not a primary scorer (very well-balanced scoring)
-Bowen is the primary defender (Duncan anchors the paint, but Bowen denies penetration, guards best players on other team)
-Manu and Parker are the go to guys in the 4th (Duncan also has his moments, but he is not self-sufficient)
-Parker is the primary playmaker

Myth 2: Duncan is more dominant than Kobe.

If you are going to call Duncan dominant, I guess we should call Kevin Garnett and Elton Brand dominant as well. Don't confuse dominance with consistency. The truth of the matter is Kobe is far more dominant than Timmy.

80+ point games: Kobe 1, Duncan 0
70+ point games Kobe 1, Duncan 0
60+ point games: Kobe 4, Duncan 0
50+ point games: Kobe 24, Duncan 0
40+ point games: Kobe 100, Duncan 9

January 14, 2002: Kobe score 56 points in 3 quarters. Memphis scores 59 in 3 quarters.

December 20, 2005: Kobe outscores the entire Dallas Mavericks team 62-61 at the end of the third quarter. This is the first and only time a player has outscored a team after 3 quarters.

Kobe Bryant is the only player who has can outscore an entire opposing team, you dont' get any more dominant than that. No one else has come close to matching Kobe in that regard - not Shaq, not Jordan and definately not Duncan.

Myth 3: Tim Duncan is the most fundamentally sound player in the NBA.

Tim Duncan's game has weaknessses - free throw shooting, three point shooting.
Kobe Bryant's game does not have any weaknesses. He is the most complete player in the game.

Kobe Bryant:

4 Championship (2000,2001,2002, 2009)
6 NBA Finals (2000,2001,2002,2004,2008, 2009)
1 NBA Finals MVP
2 Scoring Titles (2006, 2007)
1 Gold Medal (2008)
2 All-Star MVP (2001,2007)
1 NBA MVP (2008)
7 NBA All NBA 1st team
7 NBA All-Defensive 1st team
3 30+ ppg seasons
6 2000+ point seasons
1 SDC (1996)

Tim Duncan:

4 Championships (1999,2003,2005,2007)
4 NBA Finals (1999,2003,2005,2007)
3 Finals MVP (1999,2003, 2005)
0 Scoring Titles
0 Gold Medals
1 All-Star MVP (2004)
2 NBA MVP (2003,2004)
9 NBA All NBA 1st team
9 NBA All-Defensive 1st team
0 30 ppg seasons
1 2000+ point seasons

Head-to-Head playoff series: 6

1999: Spurs beat Lakers 4-0
2001: Lakers beat Spurs 4-0
2002: Lakers beat Spurs 4-1
2003: Spurs beat Lakers 4-2
2004: Lakers beat Spurs 4-2
2008: Lakers beat Spurs 4-1

Head-to-Head Playoff series wins:
Kobe: 4
Duncan: 2

What the Future Holds:

Lakers: By far the best team in the West, Kobe is only 30 and all his core is way younger than he is. He will play dominant basketball till age 35, and can play well even up till 37 or 38 because Bynum will be a force by then. That gives Kobe 7-8 more contending seasons.

Lakers core: Bryant 30, Odom 29, Gasol 27, Bynum 20
Cumulative Age: 106 years
Average Age: 26.5 years

Spurs: Spurs are still a great team, same experienced core that has carried them so far, but everyone knows they are done. Age has caught up with them.

Spurs core: Bowen 38, Duncan 32, Ginobili 31, Parker 26
Cumulative Age: 127 years
Average Age: 31.75 years

Lakers will likely win 2-3 more rings, while Spurs will most likely not win any more rings. Duncan is a great player, one of the premier power forwards of all-time and this article is not taking anything away from him. But Kobe is more dominant than Duncan, and make no mistake that he will finish with more rings when its all said and done.

And just for fun: