Thursday, January 22, 2009

Deadliest Offensive Weapons in NBA History

Shaquille O'neal's Drop Step:

Arguably the most physically unstoppable move of all-time. Impossible to guard 1 on 1, and so dominant that the other team fouled him half-way through the move to prevent a guaranteed basket. It was also so dominant that the league had to legalize zone defense to contain him.

Michael Jordan's Fadeaway:

The original master of the fadeaway, a lethal post move used by the best post-up guard to ever play the game. This move was so aesthetically pleasing, graceful, and reliable, that many other great players have tried to replicate it.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Skyhook:

Magic calls it the "the most beautiful shot in basketball." Another seemingly unblockable shot patended by one of the best centers to ever play. Unfortunately, no big men seem to have the courage or the ability to continue this shot in today's game.

Kobe Bryant's Jumpshot:

It's the ability to rise up and shoot over any defender, any contest, anywhere past halfcourt. It is the same jumpshot that has netted Kobe so many scoring binges and historic records. The deadliest jumpshot of all time.

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Alborz KB42PAH Alborz Kobe

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Best Player of the Decade? Not Tim Duncan.

Double Standard 1: Everyone harps on Kobe for playing with Shaq, yet no one harps on Duncan for having Manu, Parker, Bowen and other amazing players.
Shaq has played in the NBA 17 seasons, he only has 4 rings, he is not an automatic championship. In fact, he was not even in his physical prime during the threepeat championship run. He was significantly overweight almost every season during that run.

Double Standard 2: Duncan has played on a contending, elite team since he came into the NBA. Kobe has been rebuilding for 3 seasons in the 2000's (2005,2006,2007) and he may still end up with more rings in the decade.

Myth 1: Duncan has more impact for his team .

Kobe's Roles for his team:

-Primary Scorer
-Primary Defender
-Primary go to player in 4th
-Primary playmaker

Duncan's Roles for team:

-Not a primary scorer (very well-balanced scoring)
-Bowen is the primary defender (Duncan anchors the paint, but Bowen denies penetration, guards best players on other team)
-Manu and Parker are the go to guys in the 4th (Duncan also has his moments, but he is not self-sufficient)
-Parker is the primary playmaker

Myth 2: Duncan is more dominant than Kobe.

If you are going to call Duncan dominant, I guess we should call Kevin Garnett and Elton Brand dominant as well. Don't confuse dominance with consistency. The truth of the matter is Kobe is far more dominant than Timmy.

80+ point games: Kobe 1, Duncan 0
70+ point games Kobe 1, Duncan 0
60+ point games: Kobe 4, Duncan 0
50+ point games: Kobe 24, Duncan 0
40+ point games: Kobe 100, Duncan 9

January 14, 2002: Kobe score 56 points in 3 quarters. Memphis scores 59 in 3 quarters.

December 20, 2005: Kobe outscores the entire Dallas Mavericks team 62-61 at the end of the third quarter. This is the first and only time a player has outscored a team after 3 quarters.

Kobe Bryant is the only player who has can outscore an entire opposing team, you dont' get any more dominant than that. No one else has come close to matching Kobe in that regard - not Shaq, not Jordan and definately not Duncan.

Myth 3: Tim Duncan is the most fundamentally sound player in the NBA.

Tim Duncan's game has weaknessses - free throw shooting, three point shooting.
Kobe Bryant's game does not have any weaknesses. He is the most complete player in the game.

Kobe Bryant:

4 Championship (2000,2001,2002, 2009)
6 NBA Finals (2000,2001,2002,2004,2008, 2009)
1 NBA Finals MVP
2 Scoring Titles (2006, 2007)
1 Gold Medal (2008)
2 All-Star MVP (2001,2007)
1 NBA MVP (2008)
7 NBA All NBA 1st team
7 NBA All-Defensive 1st team
3 30+ ppg seasons
6 2000+ point seasons
1 SDC (1996)

Tim Duncan:

4 Championships (1999,2003,2005,2007)
4 NBA Finals (1999,2003,2005,2007)
3 Finals MVP (1999,2003, 2005)
0 Scoring Titles
0 Gold Medals
1 All-Star MVP (2004)
2 NBA MVP (2003,2004)
9 NBA All NBA 1st team
9 NBA All-Defensive 1st team
0 30 ppg seasons
1 2000+ point seasons

Head-to-Head playoff series: 6

1999: Spurs beat Lakers 4-0
2001: Lakers beat Spurs 4-0
2002: Lakers beat Spurs 4-1
2003: Spurs beat Lakers 4-2
2004: Lakers beat Spurs 4-2
2008: Lakers beat Spurs 4-1

Head-to-Head Playoff series wins:
Kobe: 4
Duncan: 2

What the Future Holds:

Lakers: By far the best team in the West, Kobe is only 30 and all his core is way younger than he is. He will play dominant basketball till age 35, and can play well even up till 37 or 38 because Bynum will be a force by then. That gives Kobe 7-8 more contending seasons.

Lakers core: Bryant 30, Odom 29, Gasol 27, Bynum 20
Cumulative Age: 106 years
Average Age: 26.5 years

Spurs: Spurs are still a great team, same experienced core that has carried them so far, but everyone knows they are done. Age has caught up with them.

Spurs core: Bowen 38, Duncan 32, Ginobili 31, Parker 26
Cumulative Age: 127 years
Average Age: 31.75 years

Lakers will likely win 2-3 more rings, while Spurs will most likely not win any more rings. Duncan is a great player, one of the premier power forwards of all-time and this article is not taking anything away from him. But Kobe is more dominant than Duncan, and make no mistake that he will finish with more rings when its all said and done.

And just for fun: