Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just how tired is Kobe?

Throughout the stretch of the 2008-2009 season, Kobe looked noticeably gassed, even admitting to playing with the intention of conserving energy. After tonight's spectacular 41 point outing at Denver, Kobe looked the most fatigued I have seen him since game 5 of the Spurs/Lakers 2004 series (when he supposedly fainted after the game). Bryant mentioned post game tonight that he "could not feel his legs" and had to lean over during his post game interview.

Here's a look at just why Kobe is so damn tired:

2004-2005 off season: Black out summer 5 AM-to-noon, 7 hours a day, hardcore training: 5 mile jog, 1000+ made jumpers DAILY
2005-2006: 80 games, 7 playoff games - off season: Arthroscopic knee surgery, scar tissue/cartilage, rehab
2006-2007: 77 games, 5 playoff games, off season: FIBA game, summer games
2007-2008: 82 games, 21 playoff games, off-season: Beijing, Summer Olympics
2008-2009: 82 games, 15 playoff games so far ( and counting)

Last 4 seasons:

321/328 Regular Season games (4/7 missed due to suspensions), averaging 30.5 ppg
48 playoff games, averaging 30.0 ppg
9,786 Regular season points
1,434 Playoff points
2 Summers of Olympic FIBA basketball
2 NBA scoring titles
4 All-NBA 1st team
4 All-NBA 1st team defensive
2007 ASG MVP
2008 Regular season MVP
2008 Olympic Gold Medal
2008 Western Conference Champions
2009 ASG MVP
2009 MVP Runner-up
1 Knee surgery/Rehab

That's some mileage. Whatever happens this post season, I really hope Kobe takes an extended rest. Normally he only takes 2 weeks off, then gets back to his off season training. Take a month off this summer Kobe, you've earned it.
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