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The Zone Era KB42PAH

Blue: Isolation era+Handchecking
Red: Zone era+Handchecking (Best defensive era in NBA history)
Green: Zone Era without handchecking

Conclusion: Clearly stats from the 80s and 90s - both PPG+FG%- are inflated, due to faster run-and-gun pace (think 2005 Suns, 2007 Warriors), inferior defense, and inferior players.

Conclusion: Free throw attempts per game and fouls per game have decreased substaintially from the 80s and 90s.

What do the players think?

Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Tracy McGrady

KICKS: If you guys could change one rule in the League, what would it be?
Kevin Garnett: No zone.
Tim Duncan : Yeah, the zone.
Kevin Garnett: If there was one rule I could change today, it would be the zone.

KICKS: Because it didn’t do what they thought it would do?
Kevin Garnett: I think it puts players that are really good at a disadvantage, so to speak. Everybody here gets double-teams, if not triple-teams, so we can all speak on this. But it sorta—I remember Phoenix sat somebody literally right there [in the lane].
Tracy McGrady: It makes it hard for a guy like me
Kevin Garnett: —who penetrates.
Tim Duncan: It makes it hard for all of us.
Tracy McGrady: It’s tough on all of us, it really is. When you’re tryin’ to make a move, and you got another guy sittin’ right there on the same side just waitin’…
Kevin Garnett: Waitin’ on you!
Tracy McGrady: Just waitin’.
Kevin Garnett: He ain’t even playin’ his man!
Tracy McGrady: Nah, not at all.


November, 2007: Kobe Bryant:

"The rules are completely different now,'' said Bryant, comparing his era to Jordan's. "I've always been able to shoot the ball, but the rules have changed since he played in terms of playing a zone defense. You have to be a jump shooter now because there's no way you can get to the basket -- particularly myself because they just stack guys up. I wish we had the rules they had back in the day where you could isolate guys and you could go to the basket anytime. But now you have to be able to shoot.''

2001, P.J Brown:

"I don't think it's good at all. Zones will bring the games to a grind," Charlotte forward P.J. Brown said.

2001, Shaquille O'neal:

"Stinks," the Los Angeles star said. "I have a lot to say, but not now.

2001, Colangelo, on why the rule change was proposed:

"Our belief is that the game has evolved, and the product we have presently was one that needed attention," Colangelo said "The game has changed in the sense that we've lost a lot of fluidity. We've evolved into an isolation game because of our defensive guidelines, and we weren't satisfied with the way the game looked."

An Argument in favor of Modernity

Everything gets better with time: technology, sports, science, education, etc. The best players, the best era of every sports are in the current era.

Swimming: Phelps, greatest swimmer that has ever lived
Golf: Tiger, greatest golfer that has ever lived
Running: Usain Bolt, fastest runner that has ever lived
Tennis: Federer, greatest tennis player that has ever lived
MMA: Fedor, greatest fighter that has ever lived.
Weightlifting: Ronnie Coleman, greatest weightlifter that has ever lived
NFL, Soccer: Now they are better than ever.
NBA: Best it has EVER been . Yet people are delusional and think it was better 30 years ago??! Complete nonsense.

This era has:

75% of the game's greatest perimeter players: Kobe, LeBron, Wade (Jordan being the other)
43% of the game's greatest perimeter players: Shaq, Duncan, Garnett (Hakeem, Kareem, Wilt, Russel being the others)
Some of the best PGs: Kidd, Nash, Billups, CP3, Deron Williams, Baron Davis, Tony Parker
Some of the games best shooters ever: Ray Allen, Dirk Nowitszki, Steve Nash, Peja Stojakovic Kobe Bryant
Best scorers/swingmen: Kobe, Wade, Lebron, Carter, Pierce, Melo, Iverson, etc
The games most amazing physical specimens: Shaq, Lebron, Dwight
The games most versatile big men: Dirk, Garnett

-2008 was the most competitive year in NBA history. All 8 teams in the western conference won 50+ games
-No team has repeated since zone has been legalized .

The players are bigger, stronger, faster, better, all while having more fundamentals and skills. This era is better defensively, better talent wise, better competitively. If you think Michael Jordan is the greatest player ever, that's fine. There is no problem there. If you think Michael would have dominated this era, that's perfectly fine - I agree there, Jordan would have dominated any era. However, you cannot deny that the players are stronger, faster, better offensively, better defensively, and better talent wise.


00s/zone era: The greatest era of basketball.

My 2 videos on zone defense:

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