Sunday, November 29, 2009

2009-2010 Lakers playoff predictions

11/29/2009: My expert playoff predictions for Lakers

It's no suprise that Lakers will repeat in 2010, but here is exactly how they will do it:

Probable opponents (my expected opponent in bold):
1st round: Thunder, Rockets (Lakers 4-0)
2nd round: Spurs, Blazers (Lakers 4-0)
3rd round, WCF:: Nuggets, Mavs (Lakers 4-1)
4th Round, NBA FINALS: Celtics, Magic, Cavs (Lakers 4-2)

Kobe Bryant - Beethoven in Sneakers

Conductor Bryant Ends Denver's Dream Season

With everyone expecting the Lakers to lose on the road, Kobe Bryant delivers a masterful preformance - conducting his team and orchestrating a win.

Kobe Bryant 35 points, 10 assists, 6 rebounds

KB42PAH Alborz

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kobe passes Kareem on Lakers total points list

Looks like he will finish the year with around 26,100-26,350 points which will have him as #1 most points scored by a Lakers player by the end of the year ( passing Jerry West).

Many wonder if Kobe can pass Kareem in all time points scored. It purely depends on how long he plays at a high level. If Kobe averages around 2,200+ point per/regular season over the next 6 (not including this one), it could happen very soon.

Alborz Kobe Alborz KB42PAH
Alborz KB42PAH Alborz Kobe

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kobe beats Pau Gasol in 1 on 1 post game

And even a possible return of Pau Gasol from a hamstring injury Thursday night won't deter Bryant from occupying the post.

"Noooooo, not at all," Bryant said.

"When you talk to Pau, ask him who won our one-on-one post game. I'll give you a hint: it wasn't him."

More reason to believe that Kobe Bryant is the best post player in the NBA. A 6''6 guard beating a 7''0 Pau Gasol in the post.
Alborz Kobe Alborz KB42PAH
Alborz KB42PAH Alborz Kobe

09-10: Kobe #1 in points in paint

Kobe has made a clear effort to score from midrange and post this season, all but abandoning the 3 point shot.

Points in paint leaders:

#1: Kobe Bryant
#2: Andrew Bynum

More detailed stats to come soon.
Alborz Kobe Alborz KB42PAH
Alborz KB42PAH Alborz Kobe

Kobe Gets 100th 40 Point game

Kobe gets his 100th 40+ point game vs Detroit on Wednesday night.
For a full list of Bryant's 40+ point games: Link

Updated Stats 11 games in:
Record 8-3
31.0 ppg, 2.3 spg (48.5%)

4 games of 40+ points :
40 vs detroit (17/29 FG)
41 vs memphis (19/30 FG)
41 vs houston (15/30FG)
41 vs hawks (15/29 FG)
Alborz KB42PAH Alborz Kobe
Alborz Kobe Alborz KB42PAH